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Sunday, June 10, 2012

ARC Review: Shadow's Edge by J.T Geissinger

Shadow's Edge (Night Prowler, #1) Shadow's Edge by J.T. Geissinger

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Fans of Laurell K. Hamilton and Karen Marie Moning will be captivated by this edgy, sensual new paranormal series about an ancient dynasty of shape-shifters locked in a centuries-old battle for power, and the dangerous attraction between their leader and the woman who may be the downfall of them all.

Deep within the primeval forests of southern England, a race of beautiful, savage shape-shifters lives hidden from the everyday world. Bound together by ancient bloodlines and a ruthless code of secrecy that punishes traitors with death, the Ikati send their leader Leander on a mission to capture one raised outside the tribe before she can expose their secret. When Leander tracks the unsuspecting outsider to Southern California, the hardened warrior is prepared for a fight—but not for the effect the sensual young beauty has on his heart.

Jenna spent her childhood in hiding, on the run from someone—or something—her parents refused to discuss. She trusts no one, not since her father’s mysterious disappearance, not since her mother’s sudden death, and definitely not since she began exhibiting strange, superhuman abilities. When handsome, enigmatic Leander appears, promising answers to the mysteries that shroud her past, she knows she shouldn’t trust him either. But their connection is undeniable, and as powerful as the enemy hell-bent on destroying every one of their kind…

I tried to think of one word I could describe this book in, but I couldn't choose just one...Exciting, on edge, dark, alluring and sexy. All these describe this awesome new addition to the paranormal romance/ urban fantasy genres.
I was sent this book to review, thinking it sounded interesting, but never expected it was going to become a new favorite series of mine. I was hooked after only a few pages.
It's said that fans of Laurell K. Hamilton and Karen Marie Moning will love this novel and they're right. Although, I find it has more of a J.R Ward (The Black Dagger Brotherhood series) feel to it.

Their world is different than your usual paranormal world. They cut themselves off from our world all together. Living in a hidden town, almost like a fortress. Incased rough stone walls to keep unwanted beings out. (Or themselves in, as Morgan would say) Humans are beneath the Ikati. No Ikati is allowed to procreate with a human, its against their law and is punishable by death.

Even though the punishment is so fierce for mating with a human, Jenna's father fell deeply in love with her mother. He regretted nothing, but he also paid the ultimate price. Jenna has been on the run for her whole life. Moving from place to place with her mother. After he mother dies when Jenna's only 18, she's left with only her mother's advice on how to live and hide on her own and that's exactly what she does. She relies on no one but herself, but she's lonely.

Leander is the Alpha of the Ikati. A character I won't soon forget.
Quotes are not final, since the copy I reviewed from is a ARC
"One stood out apart, slightly ahead of the others. Like his companions he had ebony hair, honey-bronze skin, feral, flashing eyes. Be he was larger, broad-shouldered and substantial, forbidding even with all that perfect symmetry of bone structure, that jawline seemed sharpened on a diamond cutter's lathe. Something about the mouth: sensual but hard, so hard it seemed he hadn't smiled in years. Or ever."
I loved Leander and Jenna's chemistry. Their banter was also fun to read. She's a strong willed woman who won't be told what to do, not even from an alpha.

One things I had mixed feelings for was Jenna and Christian's relationship. I feel bad for him. In some ways he reminds me of Phury,(The Black Dagger Brotherhood) having feelings for a woman who only has eyes for his brother. I look foward to reading more about him and for him to have his HEA. I'm not sure if she'll stick with the same protagonists or if she'll switch it up for Morgan or Christian. Either way, I'm looking forward to reading more.

As you can tell by my five star review, I highly recommend this novel. I was super glad to get a chance at reading an ARC and I look forward to what comes next in the Night Prowler series.

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Denise Z said...

Oh boy! I am rubbing my hands together in glee here LOL This looks like great fun and I am so looking forward to the read. It is hard sometimes when you have an author you follow and there is only one new book a year, so to find another good read in the genre is always the ultimate treat for me :)

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