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Friday, June 22, 2012

In Your Pants...

Hi guys! I was on dannymarksya's youtube channel today and watched his most recent video on a new tag called In My Pants. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be based just for youtube or a certain genre, but I'm going to do a post on my top fifteen favorite book names that should end with the words, In My Pants. I actually laughed out loud watching Danny's responses, so I thought I'd do my own. 

My Top Fifteen novel names that should end with the words, In My Pants

Exclaimer: A Great Book Is The Cheapest Vacation is not responsible for any life altering occurrences that may happen after reading this blog. Whatever greatness you experience here that may make you get addicted to visiting daily is sorely the fault and responsibility of the viewers. 

*Whatever dirtiness your mind interpetes from these CLEAN answers, are sorely from a dirty mind. Don't worry. You're not alone*

1.  Dance of The Winnebangos.. In Your Pants. (Ann Charles) 

2. Dark Moon Lilith.. In Your Pants (Misty Evans)
3. Apocalypse Happens.. In Your Pants. (Lori Handeland)

4. Guilty Pleasures..In Your Pants.  (Laurell K. Hamilton)
5. A Dark Champion.. In Your Pants. ( Kinley MacGregor)
6. Imbrace the Highland Warrior... In Your Pants. (Anita Clenny) 
7. Beast Behaving Badly.. In Your Pants. ( Shelly Laurenston) 
8. Darkness Rising.. In Your Pants. (Keri Arthur) 
9. Sins of the Demon.. In Your Pants. (Diana Rowland) 
10. A Perfect Blood...In Your Pants. (Kim Harrison)
11. Bloodlines.. In Your Pants. (Skyla Dawn Cameron) 
12. Green Eyed Demon.. In Your Pants. (Jaye Wells) 
13. Kitty Goes to War.. In Your Pants. (Carrie Vaughn) 
14. Jacob.. In Your Pants. (Jacquelyn Frank)
15. Bite Marks.. In Your Pants. (Jennifer Rardin)

I'll most likely have a part two of this post in a few weeks or months. I love finding fun novel title that will work with this. 

Do you have a In Your Pants response? Please comment below with your choices! 


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