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Friday, June 22, 2012

A Reluctant REVIEW on The Reluctant Suitor by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss

The Reluctant Suitor The Reluctant Suitor by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss

My rating:  1/2

For as long as she can remember, Lady Adriana Sutton has adored Colton Wyndham. As a young girl, she was hurt when he fled to join the army rather than submit to a betrothal contract.
The years have been kind to Lady Adriana. No longer the plain, thin tomboy Colton had spurned, she has blossomed into an uncommon beauty desired by nearly every eligible bachelor in the land. Yet the only man she desires is the decorated hero.
To demonstrate his belief that love cannot be forced, Colton agrees to court Lady Adriana, after which time he will be allowed to keep his precious freedom if he so wishes. But much has changed. The heroic heart that was once closed to Adriana is moved by her charm, her grace, and her sensuality ... and begins to yield. But a secret from Colton's past may doom their burgeoning love ... even as the treacherous schemes of a sinister rival threaten to steal the remarkable lady from his arms forever.
A lush and spellbinding story of passion and betrayal that grandly sweeps the reader into the magnificent ballrooms and intimate boudoirs of Regency England, "The Reluctant Suitor is romance as only the incomparable Kathleen Woodiwiss can deliver it -- a love story that will dwell in the reader's heart and memory forever and stand proudly as one of the author's very best.

First off, I haven't finished this novel. I never stop half way through a novel, or at least not very often, but this one just seemed to loose my interest. I have to make it clear that it pains me to say I don't like a novel, mostly because I appreciate all writings. Just sometimes there's too much or not enough information, confusing or not steady plots, too much characters being introduced at once or it's just been done many times before. This one is the former. Too much information. I'm on page 253, which is half way through and it's only just getting interesting enough to make me want to read on. I kept feeling that the next page was going to pick up, but it never did.

I truly feel if the first 250 odd pages were put into maybe 100 or 150 pages, then it would have been much more fun and interesting to read. It's not often I say I want a book shorter, the more the merrier.. but for a historical romance novel that's 580 pages long.. it just seems a bit much.

I'm not saying I didn't enjoy all of what I read. I liked the characters and the writing was well written, it just lacked something to make it a great read.
Will I keep on reading? Yes. Will it be very soon, perhaps, perhaps not. I think I'm going to need to be in a certain mood to get back into it.

Who knows, when I re-read or finish this novel, I may have a new opinion on it. If you never see a review on this again, then you know my views haven't changed. If you do, then it would have been better the second time around. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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