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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mishap & Retribution Tour: Guest Post & Two Giveaways!


At the Dawn of Time a curse against Man was made and only Death will satisfy it.

The year is 2045 and twins Grasiella and Tatiana who are Cinerian, Fae and Human must choose a side and may find themselves on different sides of an ancient war.

With Tatiana trapped in the Fae realm and learning what life has been like, she has found herself bonding with the Fae. Grasiella seeking the whereabouts of her twin has come to a crossroads of her own.

Separated and neither knowing the fate of the other, each make their way to an uncertain future.

Death has swept across the Hawaiian Islands and the cost of peace may be too high.
Guest blog
HI Everyone, I’m M.M. Shelley and Iwould like to thank Tasha for having me as a guest today. My publishing journeybegan a few years ago; I had an idea for a fantasy set in Hawaii. It took me about a year to write andafter wards I shared it with a few readers from different walks of life suchas; lawyers, police officers, teens, preteens, stay-at-home moms and mixedmartial artists. I had such a diverse group of people because I thought thiswas the best way to get honest opinions from readers. 
          Imention mixed martial artists because in my book, Mishap & Retributionthere are a lot of fight scenes that involve martial arts and I wanted to besure that I described each move as clearly as possible without sounding like Iwas writing a how-to book. Quick note: I have a black belt in Tai Shing PekKwar, a form of Kung fu.
          AfterI received the feedback I did some re-writes and found an editor to work with.I’ve had about three editors who I’ve worked with in total; it took me a whileuntil I found the right fit. I say ‘fit’ because working with an editor is nodifferent than finding the right doctor or lawyer, you want someone you feelcomfortable with and gel well with. I will add that all of the editors I workedwith are all wonderful in what they do.
          Marketingis a tricky beast. What works tremendously well for one may not work foranother even if both are in the same genre. I’ve paid for ads and seen someresults; I’ve been told that ad space has no real return on the investment, butI think it’s great for exposure.
          Anauthor, I think can sometimes feel like their book is sitting in a darkroom- Iwill reference quickly what I mean by darkroom. Back in the print age beforeeverything went digital a photographer would spend hours in a darkroom workingon their prints hoping for positive results. Well for an author having spenthours working on their book and who than sends it out into the world is hopingfor the same: positive results.
          Asfor promotion, I enjoy working with my graphic artist. I have bookmarks andtrading cards. The question is: how do I get these items to the readers? I canmail them or hand them out at book fairs/festivals. What I have done is that onmy website I’ve posted the trading cards as digital cards. This way anyone iswelcomed to save them onto their computer or post them. I’ve taken bookmarks tomy local libraries (where I live there are several) and I’ve asked if I canleave them. My local libraries also take book donations, so I’ve dropped off afew books as well **hint-hint** All of this is free advertising and I thinkwhen it comes to advertising you should look outside of the box--you may justsurprise yourself.
Giveaway details
Today the Giveaway is an E-book (FromSmashwords)
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Tourwide giveaway is 5 paperback copies and the grand prize is a Kindle touch


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