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Saturday, August 4, 2012

What's up for this month? Plus a weekly recap!

So, if you follow my blog regularly, you might have noticed I'm a bit touch and go with my posts lately. Most are tour post with giveaways, which is great..but I haven't had a real hand written post/review in a little while. There's a few reasons for this. Firstly, my grandmother was diagnosed with lung cancer this week and I've been taking it pretty hard. Secondly, I'm in a reading rut. I have so many novels I want to read and have to read/review for my blog..but I can't seem to keep my mind on a book longer than an hour, which is very rare for me. Lastly is the heat. It's been so hot lately that all I want to do is swim or stand in front of a fan. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Summer. I just don't like having to sit in all day when I could be swimming. So, that's a few of many reasons why I've been M.I.A(ish) lately. I promise it won't be like that for long. Next month is my second annual Historical Romance Event, which I'm beyond stoked for and October is my THIRD annual Halloween Extravaganza! I can't wait. 
Btw, for anyone still waiting on interview questions, that's what I'll be writing up right after this post.. so hopefully I'll be sending them asap. 

Now that that's said, on to my blog line up for this month..

August 2nd-Tour: Excerpt & Giveaway with Amber Garr *Open* -Just click the link
3rd: Darklands tour: Nancy Holzner Excerpt & Giveaway *Open* -Just click the link 
5th- Guest Post & Giveaway with Bernadette Walsh (Devil's Mountian)

6th- Hollywood Ever After tour Promo and Giveaway
10th or 11th- Mishap & Retribution By M.M. Shelley
14th - My Immortal by Lee Rudnicki Guest Post
16th-Frozen Heart by Annabelle Blume Guest Post & Giveaway

18th- The Corpse Goddess by Kristi Jones Guest Post & Giveaway
21st- Victoria Danann (My familiar stranger) Guest Post
24th- Bitten Shame by Olivia Hardin Guest Post
27th or 28th- Sweet as Sin Review & Guest post

*Due for some changes* Posts with two dates will have the right dates chosen in a couple days. Also, Giveaways may be added.

I'm currents reading The Ripple Effect by J.A Saare & The Seduction of Phantom Black. Both are amazing books and yet I'm dragging. I have to finish one of them by tomorrow or I'll be highly disappointed with myself. *laughs* I hope once I get one finished I'll get back in the groove and keep reading.

Anyways, I hope everyone is having a wondering Summer! Have fun and read on my friends!


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