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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

2nd Annual Historical Romance Event! Interview with Gwyn Cready

Gwyn Cready is the recipient of the 2009 RITA Award for Best Paranormal Romance and the author of Tumbling Through Time,Seducing Mr. Darcy, Flirting with Forever, Aching for Always and A Novel Seduction. She has been called "the master of time travel romance." A Novel Seduction is her first foray into contemporary romance as well as men in kilts, and she found both eminently satisfying. She lives in Pittsburgh with her family.

You can contact Gwyn at [email protected]

Welcome back Gwyn! It's good to have you back!

TIMELESS DESIRE was just released on the first of this month. What is your process after a book is released? Touring, signing, sleeping? *laughs* 
I do a lot of on-line interviews. I do a few newspaper interviews (usually--if I'm lucky). I answer a lot of emails from readers (love that part.) I check the rankings in Amazon about 1000 times a day. I decide my career's never going anywhere. I decide it doesn't matter because at least some people like what I right. I wonder how Nora Roberts writes so darn many books. I peek at my contract to see when the next book is due. You know, the usual.

I'm super excited that TIMELESS DESIRE is a time travel historical romance. I've only read a few, but all I've enjoyed. Do you have any favorites? 

I loved Outlander. It's hands down the most romantic book I ever read. It's also the book that make me want to become a romance novelist. Thank you, Diana. Thank you, Claire and Jamie. 

Can you describe Panna and John's personality? 

Panna: kick-ass (she is a librarian, after all), smart, watched her life derail when her husband died young, afraid of nothing but the way love can destroy you. Jamie: smart, funny, honorable, intrigued by a woman who stands up to him.

Is TIMELESS DESIRE part of a previous series, or a start to a new one?

Neither. It's a standalone romance. You don't need to know anything to buy it except that you want a great romance.

I've noticed many of the covers of your novels have themes of showing off woman's fabulous legs. Is that part of your doing or all on the cover designers? 
They started that at Simon & Schuster and my current publisher picked it up. I have nice legs, but nothing like those women! Ye Gods! Their legs are six feet long! 

What are you currently reading? 

Memoirs. I just finished Truth and Beauty by Ann Patchett. It was wonderful. 

Do you have a favorite television series? 

Right now I'm really enjoying Newsroom, Breaking Bad and Madmen. 

When you're not writing or reading, what do you like to do with your spare time? 

I cook, go to movies, make jewelry, travel and occasionally knit.

Are you working on anything at the moment? 

A time travel trilogy entitled Sirens of the Borderlands, and a memoir about my sister. 


Pepsi or Coke? 

Pepsi. Diet Pepsi Caffeine Free, to be specific.

Clowns or Mimes? 

Ugh. Mimes, I guess.  

Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter? 

Fall. It's when my husband and I fell in love. 

Time Travel option: Past or Future? 

Past. I'd love to spend some time getting to know Jane Austen. 

Favorite alcoholic beverage? 

Red wine on a snowy night. 

Movies or Television? 

I think the writing is better in television, at least lately. 

Heels, Sandals, Flats or Sneakers? 

Havaiana's FIT flip flops. They're solidly constructed. The FIT model includes a strap around the heel so I don't slap slap slap when I walk. They make me feel like I'm walking on air. And they last for freakin' ever! 

Swimming or Tanning? 

Oh, swimming. Tanning gives you wrinkles. 

I guess I'll stop pestering you. *grins*

Thanks for stopping by! You rock! 

Thank you!

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Barbara E. said...

I love Gwyn's books, time travel stories have always been a favorite.

Na said...

The covers are so pretty! I'm adding your books to my want to read list because I enjoy time-travel stories.

~Fiery Na

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