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Monday, September 10, 2012

2nd Annual Historical Romance Event! Interview with Killian McRae

Interiew with Killian McRae

About Killian:
History is Killian's primary love in life, outside her family and, yes, sadly her dog. Therefore, her works of fiction often are packaged inside historical wrappers, as she tugs and twists on the edges of reality to ask the ever-present "What if?" 

Born and raised in rural Michigan, Killian used the local library- a single room in a her village's firehouse- as an escape, before actually escaping to the relative jungle of Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan. There, after several minor attempts to establish a major, she finally completed a BA in Turkic History and nearly attempted a Bachelors of Music in Vocal Performance. ("Theys call it the opry 'round these parts," she says in her heavy, Michiganian accent.) 

Though she had written three novels before graduating high school, she never thought of trying to publish until well into her 30's. 

Killian is a member of Stanford University's Writer's Certificate program and a PRO member of the Romance Writers of America. Her other interests include musicology and history. 

Welcome Killian! Thanks for stopping by!
Delighted to be here, and thanks so much for having me.

Fall is creeping up… Are you looking forward to Fall activities and Halloween? 
Fall used to be my favorite season, but then I moved to California. In my neck of the valley, there’s really no great distinction between summer and fall except the temps aren’t quite as hot, and the days get a wee bit shorter. But, yes, I love Halloween! The kids here are so creative with their costumes, and of course the season gives me a chance to dream of ancient times and pagan ways, which is always inspirational to a writer.

Last year you released A LOVE BY ANY MEASURE, and I honestly LOVED it. It was original, sensual and gripping. Do you plan on making a series out of this? Or at least similar standalone novels? -Please say yes.

Firstly, thank you for your kind words on ALBAM. Sadly, I must say that I have no plans to write a work which draws upon it further (though I did release a missing moment short story recently, IN THE LORD’S EMBRACE, which I would encourage readers to pick up from Amazon, BN, or iBookstore for free). I feel the plot reached a convenient point of closure for both the readers and the characters. Though Maeve and August have been very kind to me in allowing me such intimate intrusion in to their affairs, I’ll respect their privacy and let them live out their lives in peace in the wiles of Oregon. But similar novels? Yes, there may very well be. History has always captivated me, and despite my best efforts, all my works to date involve love. Hence, while I cannot perhaps give definition to any such future work in the same vein, I do not doubt at all one will emerge.  

What's on genre you have yet to write but plan on trying out?
I’ve released titles so far in science fiction, historical romance, and epic fantasy. It leaves so much yet to explore. I have several works-in-progress (if forced to disclose, I will admit shamefully that they number ten), which include works also in romantic suspense, contemporary romance, post-apocalyptic thriller, and even one non-fiction title.

Which authors inspired you to start writing? 
I’ve always been drawn to the fantasy works of L. Frank Baum and Ursula K. LeGuin. Dan Brown’s suspenseful treatment of history blew my mind. In terms of the beauty of words and the contortionist abilities of language, I take my lessons from Victor Hugo, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and good ole Bill Shakespeare.

Are you currently reading a drool worthy book?
While I enjoy reading romance, it’s been awhile since I truly swooned over a hero. The most recent I can recall who really sent me into a flutter was Rhys Trahaearn from Meljean Brook’s THE IRON DUKE. I know it’s been out a while, but it usually takes me a year to get to a book once I add it to my TBR list.  

Can you give us a brief description on your writing process? 
Did I already shamefully mention that I have 10 works-in-progress at the moment? *sigh* The skeleton of a story tends to spring up in my mind like a pre-packaged dinner. I used to just sit and write as it slapped me in the face any particular time, but once I got to the point where I was working on so many stories at once, I had to come up with a better system. So, now, when I get the idea for a new plot, I sit and write out a 3-5 page summary of the story. That’s my document. Then I just begin writing. Because I have so many, I tend to devote a minimum of a thousand words a day to a different story each day. I use a random number generator to decide which story to write.

Are you working on anything right now? 
(Please see above ) I just finished a paranormal romance which I hope to release in the late fall. I’m also spending a good share of time on the sequel to my epic fantasy TALLIS, which I hope to put out mid-winter. And, of course, the 12.21.12 podcast is released weekly.

Pesty Randomness:

Pepsi or Coke? 

Coke, but only if it’s Diet Cherry Coke.

Summer, Fall, Winter or Spring? 


Night or Day? 


Television or Movies? 


Theatres or Drive-Ins?


Favorite alcoholic beverage? 

I don’t really drink, but the few times I have I’ve gone for either a mojito or a cosmopolitan.

Swimming or Tanning? 

Swimming (I am, thanks to my Irish-German heritage, one of the whitest people you’ll ever meet and go from paste to lobster in about 15 minutes)

Trick-or-treating or Passing out treats? 
Passing it out. If only my kids agreed.

Did I pester you enough? 
I don’t recall you pestering me at all.

Again, thanks for stopping by! You rock!


Gabbie said...

I loved ALBAM! I'll be looking for the short in about 2 minutes and counting :)

And I'll second the drool worthiness of The Iron Duke. Pretty much all of Meljean's Iron Sea's series is drool worthy, even the shorts!

I have a bit of Irish heritage too and I think I'll rival you with whiteness. I can't leave the house without blush because according to even my family I look like a ghost :(

I'm looking forward to your future releases Killian!
And thank you for a great interview!

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