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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Event! Interview with Ann Charles

About the author

Ann CharlesNearly Departed in Deadwood, the 2010 Daphne du Maurier Award Winner and a 2011 RWA Golden Heart Award Winner.
You'll laugh. You'll cringe. You'll want more.

Welcome back Ann! Thanks for stopping by! 

Are you excited for Halloween? Got any plans?
Hi Tasha! Thank you for having me back for Halloween. I love this holiday.  My only plans are to go out trick-or-treating and make sure my kids stockpile a ton of candy for me—I mean “them”—to eat.

Before I go Halloween some more, let's talk about Deadwood. 

For all us Deadwood fans, when is Deadwood Mystery #4 being released?

Better Off Dead in Deadwood will be out in early 2013. We’re shooting for the end of January, but if necessary, we will push the release into February. We want to make sure to deliver another fun and exciting story that is as free of editing and formatting errors as possible. If there is still editing to be done, we’ll wait to release it a couple of weeks.

Can you tell us a little something about what to expect from Deadwood #4? 
Here is the teaser:

One dead body. One century-old haunted opera house. One zombie musical. One pissed-off detective.
Will Violet “Spooky” Parker keep her tail out of trouble or will she end up as one of Deadwood’s walking dead?

Of all your characters, who seems to flow onto the page easiest? 
Besides Violet, probably Doc and Cooper. Harvey takes a little more time because of his fun sayings that pop out during conversations.

How many novels are planned for the Deadwood Mysteries series? (Please say many more. *does puppy dog eyes*)
Many more. J  Seriously, it is going to take many more for the series arc that I have planned to play out. I’m not rushing things. I’m enjoying the story as it unfolds, and enjoying watching the characters interact, change, and grow even more.

Back to Halloween...

Last year you showed us some of your past favorite Halloween costumes. Did you dress up last year? If so could we get a peek at your costume? 

I was the Mad Hatter last year. Unfortunately, the picture I have only shows me from the chest up. I’m at a writing conference with my good friend, author Amber Scott (who was a zombie Aundrey Hepburn, if I remember right). I attached a picture of the hat, which I absolutely love, but gets a little heavy.

Do you have a favorite tv show, Halloween special?  (ex. It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!) 

Well, I do love The Walking Dead on AMC, which is perfect for Halloween. I’m a big fan of horror, too, especially when mixed with science fiction or paranormal genres. The Alien series is awesome. I love the Kurt Russell version of The Thing. The Mummy series is fun. Wait, I’m digressing into just horror in general. I like pretty much every Simpsons Halloween special.

If you had to change into a supernatural being, every year on Halloween, which would you choose?  

That’s tough. Hmmm. I’m going to say Medusa. She’s wicked with that snake hair!

Favorite Halloween Candy?  Candy Corn (but only Brachs)
Favorite Holiday?  Halloween
Walking or Hiking?  Can I choose “sprawled out on the couch watching movies”? ha! I guess hiking.
Michael Meyers or Jason?  Michael Meyers
Freddy or Leatherface?  Freddy
Rum, Vodka, Whisky, Rye or Gin?  I want to try that bacon flavored Vodka, so I’ll go with Vodka this year.

Thanks for stopping by Ann! Hope to see you back again soon! 

Anytime, Tasha. You rock! J


Barbara E. said...

Great interview, I enjoyed it and Happy Halloween Ann!

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