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Friday, October 19, 2012

Halloween Week at Book Mark Your Thoughts- Starting Soon! Line up!

Can you believe October is already half way finished? *sad face* I know. 
It's been a busy month for me and because of that I missed out a full month of Halloween Extravaganzaness... next year though. Next year it will be a well planned, excellent event. This year is still going to be fun though and it has many great authors stopping by!
It's a week of all things Halloween. Interviews, givaways, reviews, traditions, costumes and favorites. I'm excited to get started! 

My event will be starting Tuesday the 23rd, with a post by yours truly. I'll be discussing my thoughts on Halloween, Horror and many of my favorite Halloween themed books and movies. 

The line up is just about finalized, but the giveaways are pending.. I'll update this post once I have it all finalized. 

Interview with Ann Charles - Wedensday the 24th
Interview & Giveaway with Danny Marks - Thursday the 25th
Interview & Giveaway with Misty Evans - Friday the 26th
Interview with Christina Henry - Saturday the 27th

Interview & Giveaway with Eleni Konstantine- Sunday the 28th
My favorite Childhood Costumes- Monday the 29th
Devil's Night, the tradition- Tuesday the 30th
Happy Halloween- Wednesday the 31st

I hope everyone stops by and enjoys this event. I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on the interviews and Halloween posts. And if you have a Halloween event, I'd love to stop by, so post the link to your blog below and I'll check it out.

If you want to support my event, please put the button below on your blog:)


Bridget Hall said...

I heard they also gave away personalized drinkware with book covers for designs.

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