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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Review: Krampus: The Devil of Christmas by Monte Beauchamp

Krampus: The Devil of Christmas by Monte Beauchamp

My rating:

..".an arresting terror!" -- Rick Kogan; Chicago Tribune MagazineWith an ADDITIONAL 32 pages, superior printing, and a secure HARDCOVER binding

KRAMPUS: The Devil of Christmas picks up where the softcover edition of The Devil in Design leaves off. In the early Christmas traditions of Europe, the Krampus was St. Nicholas' dark servant-a hairy, horned, supernatural beast whose pointed ears and long slithering tongue gave misbehavers the creeps! Whereas St. Nicholas would reward children who'd been good all year, those that had behaved badly were visited by the Krampus.This NEW and IMPROVED edition includes an introduction, a historical survey of the character, and over 180 lavish pre-World War 1 Krampus postcards. KRAMPUS: The Devil of Christmas is a lush, hair-raising collection guaranteed to give even Stephen King the creeps!

What a unique and collectable book! I don't own my own copy yet, but I read my to-be brother-in-law's copy and I was glued to the pages. It's filled with the European history of Krampus, who is a very dark version of our Santa Clause. The good children would be visited by St. Nicholas and the children who behaved badly would get a visit from Krampus, a terrifying hairy, hoofed and horned beast. The poor little children. :|

The artwork in this novel is fantastic and eerie and unique. Different takes on Krampus, all horrifying, though incredible.

This isn't a happy holiday novel, this is an interesting read on a different cultures beliefs at Christmas. Great artwork and a wonderful collective copy for the shelves. I'll be picking up my copy this week with my Holiday gift cards. *winks*

There's also a postcard collection with all the artwork available. I'll be sure to grab that as well. :)

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