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Friday, January 11, 2013

Feature & Follow - January 11th

FF 2012 Feature and Follow #131Follow My Book Blog Friday is hosted by Rachel @ Parajunkee's View and Alison @ Alison Can Read. The point is to follow each others blogs, make new friends and gain followers! As part of the adventure, she gives us weekly question.



   That's a hard one. Each supernatural creature, like humans, have weaknesses, but it's their strengths that makes them powerful. 

    I love the idea of Vampires and Werewolves, but putting both into perspective as a human in that world, well, I'm afraid of how much nights will change. How many people unwilling will be turned or bleed/torn up? 

   Demons are one of my favorite supernaturals to read, so complex, interesting and lethal. But again, in reality...not so fun. 

   Witches were another fun idea, but then you'll have the weak 
practicing the dark arts and bad stuff will go down. 

   Faeries are so enchanting. They can be the purest of pure, but they can be as or more evil than a Demon.

   Elves are a very powerful race, much like the Faeries, and like the Faeries, they can be very dark.

  If they weren't extra aggressive or dangerous, I'd choose Werewolves. They have a ruggedness about them that I love. 


Bookworm Brandee said...

I choose to believe in them ALL! :)

Love you blog - thanks for the follow...I followed back.

Nyx said...

You are totally right, plus if you have witches practicing black magic, then you have demons, it all goes hand in hand.

Thanks for stopping by, following back :)

-Nyx @ Unraveling Words

Daphne said...

Every Supernatural creature has a dark side, so it's a win lose situation. Great idea listing pros and cons! New GFC follower. :)

Here's my #FF.

Joana said...

Unfortunately there are always good and evil supernatural creatures which makes me happy they don't actually exist.

Here's my FF:

Traci Horton said...

You're right that there would be good and evil of each supernatural creature (just like there are with humans). If you had you're very own sexy werewolf then he could protect you from all the baddies out there :) Thanks for stopping by my FF. Following you back via GFC :)
Traci @ Mad Hatter Reads

Anonymous said...

All great answers!
New follower :)
follow me at "BookShelves Of Dreams"

Andrea Heltsley said...

I'm a huge fan of those damn sexy werewolves who like to shed their clothes...
I'm a new twitter and GFC follower:)
my blog is:

Sue Bricknell said...

Hi, from a new GFC follower.

Good choice! :)

My F&F post:

Literary Cravings said...

Love werewolves and their ruggedness too! Thanks for checking out my blog, following back!!

Natasha said...

Thanks Bookworm Brandee!

Nyx, you're right. Thanks for the follow!

Daphne, I didn't even realize I was doing it at the time. I just typed what I was roughly thinking. Haha! Thanks for the follow:)

I thought that too Joana, but then I thought of Alcide Herveaux and changed my mind. LOL! Thanks for the follow!

Haha! Wouldn't that be something? Hehe! Thanks for the follow Traci. :)

Thanks Barbara! I love your blog!

Awesome blog Andrea! I follow you back:)

Thanks for the follow Sue! I love your blog title!

Ruggedness is always a plus. Thanks for the follow Literary Cravings!

Jackie said...

Good choice, I would love to meet a werewolf. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll make sure to follow you back :)

Jackie @ Jackie's Book World

Goldie @ My Book Musings said...

I love how you actually considered so many supernatural creatures!

New follower via GFC. My FF:


**I am so waiting for Sarah MacLeans' next book!

Rain said...

Great answer! :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! Following you now! :)

Natasha said...

Thanks Jackie, I agree.. It would be awesome to meet a werewolf! Just not in their wolf form if their angry. haha

Goldie, thanks! Sarah MacLean is fantastic!

Rain, your welcome! Thanks for the follow:)

Alyssa Susanna said...

Haha, you loved them all! I wouldn't mind seeing werewolves - but they are a little scarier than how Hollywood makes them out to be!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I've followed you back, via GFC.

Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

Michelles Paranormal Vault Of Books said...

good answer, lol, thanks for stopping by mine earlier. I am following back, GFC.


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