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Monday, January 7, 2013

For the Lover of Books! Eye Candy! *winks*

For the Lover of Books!  (Meme photo & official decription will be finished for next week!)

Eye candy, awesome reading spots, cool gadgets, books shelves, clothing and merchandise for all lovers of books! I'm going to do start of a 'meme' called For the Lover of Books! I'll try to have it each Monday, since I don't have any other usual posts I do on that day. Others are welcome to participate of course, but either way I will be do doing this for some fun. 

Since this is my first post, I have a bunch of fun goodies to share with you all! Let's start with Book Shelves.

I have to start with a favorite of mine. (One I hope to have/make one day) It's nothing extravagant, but to all you Doctor Who lovers, you will go gaga for this! 

I'm all for the creative book shelves, but since I have so much in my house already, one of these may look just unorganized in my home. In a more open place with less clutter it would look fantastic! (I can't wait to start doing my home over. We'll be starting soon, hopefully!)

This one is just super fun. It doesn't hold much, but come on! It's Batman! Na na na na na na na na Bookman! hehe

Next week, I'll post some more. I could really go on forever with the book shelves.
Here's a few things I hope to buy in the near future.. 
(I'm going to look online for this today!) Wouldn't it be awesome if you could choose which book and page you wanted on your sheets? Oh! That would be delightful!

I've got to try this stuff out! For the 'new book smell'! hehe 

Ahh! I want this so badly! Isn't it fantastic??

Now, I did state that I would have some eye candy in this post, so here it is.. *winks*

My favorite eye candy, Jason Momoa. 

Your welcome. *winks*

So, is this a post you guys think you'll enjoy reading each week? Let me know if anyone else is interested in participating or has any questions. 

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Dazzling Mage said...

Ooh, I like the Bat-like shelf!

Natasha said...

I know, I want it! Thanks for stopping by:)

Brandon said...

That TARDIS shelf is awesome!

Natasha said...

The TARDIS rocks! I want one so bad!

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