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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Review: The Charmed Souls by Christine Wenrick

The Charmed Souls by Christine Wenrick

Olivia Ann Greyson is a Charmer, a Dhampir with the power to lure the supernatural world’s most dangerous of creatures – and she’s in an impossible situation. She must leave behind Caleb Wolfe, the strong, protective vampire she has fallen madly in love with, in order to learn how to protect herself from the vampires, shifters and demons that will be drawn to her for the rest of her life.

Human Guardian, Alec Lambert, has been assigned to see to Olivia’s training by the organization he belongs to, which is known simply as The Brethren. He takes Olivia to the group’s stronghold in the mountainous regions of Alberta, Canada, where she discovers the answers to her family’s painful past and the extent to which those hunting her will go to capture her. But she also uncovers many secrets and even more questions about this mysterious group she has trusted to protect her – secrets that will have her fighting to get back to the man she left behind.

. . . but will it be too late?

The Charmed Souls is the second installment in The Charmed Trilogy by Christine Wenrick. The Charmed Souls picks up roughly a week after the ending of The Charmed. Olivia is no longer in Seattle, but in the Cascade Mountains with her guardian Alec and the Brethren.

I have a feeling this series is going to be popular,(I know I'll be recommending it) so for those who haven't read The Charmed yet, I'll be careful not to give too much away.

Olivia has been through more than her share of horror. Being brought into a world she never believe existed, falling for someone she is forbidden to be with, finding out that she's far from ordinary and fighting for her life and the lives of the ones she loves. She's been hurt and has had enough.
In The Charmed Souls Olivia trains herself to be able to defend herself. We get to see Olivia kick some butt and discover her inner strength and gifts.

The ending was great! It'll leave you begging for the next book. I know I am. The final installment in the series, The Charmed Fates, will be released on March 1st. I can't wait!

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