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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Top 5 Sunday - January 27th

Here is this really cool event, I've been following for a while now, called "Top 5 Sundays "hosted by "Welcome To Larissa's Bookish LifeRules: 1 - Write a post listing your TOP 5 choices within the theme I chose (or was chosen on a poll) for the week. 2 - Mention this Blog on the post and link back to it. 3 - Fell free to use the Feature's image (there is a smaller size version of it bellow) 4 - After you've finished your post, add you link (of the post, not your blog's main page) to the Mr.Linky at the end of that week's post. 

 This week's theme is:

Fave On-Going TV Series! (Part II)

Since PART 1 wasn't too long ago, I'll post my picked from that T5S post. Here's what picked for part 1:


Here's my picks for Part 2:

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia! 
Funniest show on television. Seriously. I do warn you, it's offensive, vulgar and down right cruel  but you'll LOL and you'll be hooked after just one episode! 

The Simpsons!
Who doesn't love The Simpsons? My father LOVED them, I grew up watching all the episodes.. I still love watching old episodes I seen 7-8 times. There's a new episode on tonight.. I can't wait:) 

Once Upon a Time!
I'm only at the fourth or fifth episode in season 2, but I really enjoy watching this show from time to time. I love Fairy Tales! 

The Big Bang Theory!
This really brings out the inner nerd in all of us, doesn't it? I love it. 
(I got my dad into this show, since he has a strong love for Star Trek and comedies..He's now a fan himself!)

The Walking Dead!
This show really took off quickly and with good reason. It's totally engrossing! 
It doesn't matter if your a horror fan or not, once you watch a few episodes, you're hooked! 

I know, I'm cheating.. I have I to add once extra, that's too much a favorite to put on in the special mentions.. 
She's a bit annoying at first, but honestly, I love her! I love the whole amazing cast! 

Special mentions:
(since I doubt we will be doing a part 3..but yuh never know;) ) 

Reno 911 was also hilariously amazing, but it's finished.. so boo:P 

So what's your answer to this week's question:
Fave On-Going TV Series! (Part II)


Aleksandra said...

Awesome list! Doctor Who is my most fav :) I also enjoy TBBT, Bones, The Simpsons (I agree, who doesn't love them?), TWD, etc. LOL I watch lots of tv series, although I'm on date with only a few of these on your list ;) I do hope there'll be a part 3, it seems it's a popular theme ;)

Natasha said...

I know, I'm behind of so many shows. I forgot to add Sons of Anarchy.. *shakes head* I watch too much television, I think.. lol I'll add that to my part three, if there is one. :)
Thanks for stopping by Aleksandra!

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