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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Top 10 Book/Series Pet Peeves!

Hiya peeps! 
I thought I'd do a fun post today, since the weather is dreary and I need a pick me up. (Besides a beer, which will be coming after dinner *winks*) I decided on a pet peeves post. When it comes to books, I'm not a huge complainer. I love everything about books and I try to see the good in all of them, but naturally there are things that annoy me nonetheless. 
Since I don't want to be too negative, I think I'll do a part two post where I list my favorite things about a book/series. So stay tuned! 

*Just because I have these pet peeves, it doesn't mean I haven't read/bought books that fall under this list. I just thought I'd point out what their faults are, IMO.*
  • Cover Change Up -When trilogy/series covers change their style. -Not a reprint after the series is finished, but when they completely change during an ongoing series- This is especially annoying to collectors! *points to herself
  • Character Overload - Too Many characters, too quickly. -I read a book once where within the first chapter, I counted 8+ character introductions, all of which had absurd names. ..Which brings me to my next pet peeve. 
  • Absurd/Unmemorable Character Naming - Don't get me wrong, I love unique names, but when half or more of your characters have made up/unpronounceable names, it makes it harder for readers to connect with the characters, not to mention unable to remember their names. 
  • Character 180 - (eg. Anita Blake) I'm all for characters growing and maturing, but when a character starts to change their overall personality or mannerisms for the worst, then I kind of feel cheated. If you can't stay true to character, finish a series while you're ahead and still on top! Again, which brings me to my next pet peeve.
  • The Never Ending Series - I know I'm not alone on this one. Although, I love have a good amount of novels in a series, many authors just don't know when to stop. I hate to use the same example twice, but with a whopping 22+ books in the series, the Anita Blake series is a prime example of this. *I will say this about the Anita Blake series. I absolutely loved it for the first 8 or 9 books. I even enjoyed the next few releases, (although I was disappointed with the turn the series took with the ardeur) but it just went too far and she changed so much as a character that I feel out of (book) love. If she had of stopped 5 or even 10 books ago, she would have had many happier fans.*
  • One Novel? Too Short. - This is is more of a disappointment than a pet peeve. But since it goes along with number 5, I thought I'd add it to my list.
    Stand alone novels are sometimes my favorite reads and sometimes there my most hated (I use lightly:P) reads. Only because I get so invested in a character/couple/cast of characters, that I don't want it to end. What happened next? How did everyone fair off? Of course, many talented authors can summarize it all into a great finish, but not all authors do. I hate being left with questions when there will never be answers!
  • Over Dramatic Love Triangles - I admit, I sometimes enjoy a good love triangle.. to a point. If a trio has been dancing for 3+ books, things tend to get old and over used. Old habits die hard. You can only dangle two men for so long Missy.  *points finger* Be kind and throw one back into the sea for the other fishes. 
  • Super Long Flash Backs - I fear, for if I flash back for too long, I may forget what lies in the present *says with a flair* I occasionally like the longer detailed flash backs, since they give the present meaning, but page after page is just too much for me to handle. 
  • Little to no Dialogue - I can't remember the most present novel I've read where this happened, but when a character talks to themselves for pages without any interactive dialogue, things get boring and frankly annoying. There's very few characters I'd read pages of thoughts of, although I'd love to get an inept look into Algaliarept's "Al" head from The Hollows by Kim Harrison. 
  • Helpless, Clueless Heroine - I'm not saying I only like kick-ass heroines that hold their own. I just hate when I'm reading a book and I catch myself sighing, shaking my head or out right pffffft`n because of a heroine playing dumb and/or damsel in distress one two many times. It's like watching a horror movie where the chick goes into the dark and so obviously not empty basement, calling out "Hello?Is anyone there?"I'm the one yelling at the screen, "Oh, come on! Are you stupid?" 

So that's my top 10 Book/Series Pet Peeves! Stay tuned for my Top 10 favorites post! 

What's some of your pet peeves?


gamistress66 said...

to go w/ your absurd/unusual names - too many similar names, hard to keep pierre, peter & petro all straight at times

Natasha said...

Ahh. I forgot that one, but I so agree. That's a good one!

Darlene said...

Great post Tasha!

Dazzling Mage said...

YES to cover change-ups! I mean, for a while we thought the most complicated part was choosing between paperbacks and hardcovers, but NO!

Great list, and I definitely relate to most of them!

Natasha said...

I agree Dazzling! Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks Darlene!

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